Dressing For Your Body

How to dress for your body shape.

The fashion industry which you see writ large, seems to be aimed at a target audience of young, slim people, all straight lines and no curves. Thankfully, this idea of fashion is changing, with companies like Dove running ‘Real Beauty’ campaigns and the like. Clothing Click promotes fashion choices for mature women, sophisticated ladies, ladies with curves and life lines. We help you find what is sexy and chic for you and your body.

Trying to shop for clothes and seeing fashion displayed on bodies which does not look like you can be very intimidating. But we here at Clothing Click want you to know that curves are good. Curves are natural and curves are a part of being a real woman. We know this and understand this. We have partnered with a range of fashion suppliers who understand this too, and we give you a range of clothing to fit your body shape, and your own personal style.

We say that an important part of feeling good in clothes is attitude. Be confident in what you are wearing and those vibes will shine through. Match your awesome attitude with great clothes and you will conquer your day.

Having a great outfit is one step in helping you with confidence. Putting on a sleek outfit which compliments your shape will help you feel better about yourself.

What are some fashion tips, clothing styles you can use, to work with your body shape and your individuality?


Hiding your silhouette

Clothing which is free-flowing across your body can disrupt your silhouette, while being chic and sophisticated.

A colourful jacket which flows past your hips can give you a straight cut outline and impress anyone who catches you out of the corner of their eye -


Or, for the colder months, a casual cardigan you can throw on, or even a poncho. They look good, feel good, and keep you warm while blurring your outline. - 



Wide leg pants

For office wear and corporate wear, long flowing, wide legged pants, are a perfect example of how you can look smart and sophisticated, while taking the focus off the shape of your legs. The biggest muscle of the human body is the Gluteus Maximus, your butt muscle. This muscle connects with your thighs, of quadriceps, and help support your body. It is no surprise that this area of the body is large, it is meant to be.

Some styles we have which can help you feel good about yourself and walk with confidence include our OPM Jersey Wide Leg Pant (https://www.clothingclick.com.au/collections/pants-leggings/products/cordelia-st-jersey-wide-leg-pant), and our popular, casual, Crinkle Tie series of pants (https://www.clothingclick.com.au/collections/pants-leggings/products/crinkle-tie-leg-pant-denim?variant=6072690442278).

For the warmer months, for Spring fashion, A-line tunics and dresses are flattering and fantastic. They do not hug the body but give you a refined look for the office or any other place where you need to look on point.

We carry a wide range of fashions aimed at the mature woman, the plus sized lady, as we say on our website. We also like to say that our fashion is what we consider to be “tummy and butt friendly”. Nothing too clingy or revealing. Fashion to make you look good and more importantly, feel good about yourself.

Contact us to talk more about fashion which fits you.

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