Dressing Stylish For A Casual Weekend

Dressing stylish for a casual weekend

Weekends are time for you. Time to work on yourself, your house, and your hobbies. It is time to catch up with friends and family, eat a good meal and see a good film. It is you time. And to make the most of YOU time, you need clothes and a style which are easy to wear and looks good. It might just be the weekend, but you should take pride in what you wear. Jeans are great, but you can do so much more than just jeans.

Having a solid collection of what we call ‘staple pieces’ is a good start to being fashionable and casual for the weekend.  A good pair of jeans make a great foundation. We see jeans as an investment, rather than something you buy. A good pair of jeans should last you a couple of years and can be the base from which you build up a great individual style.

Other staple items for your wardrobe can include;

  • 2 or 3 different coloured, plain t-shirts
  • A chunky, heavy jumper
  • Tank tops, black and white
  • Long sleeved t-shirt- black or white.
  • Your favourite warm hoodie.
  • A black cashmere wrap.

The secret with weekend fashion is starting with these staples and being able to mix and match easily. You want to look good when you go out, but you don’t want to spend a long time deciding what you’re going to wear.

Jeans, t-shirt and a stylish hoodie can make you stand out from the crowd at your local football game, or the beer garden at suburban pub with mulled wine and a bowl of wedges. Not only is it fashionable, it also makes you feel comfortable.

Layering is also a must when it comes to casual weekend fashion. Changeable conditions, being inside and outside, peeling off and putting on layers, while still looking and feeling good, is a must.

Our Cordelia St Hooded Jacket (https://www.clothingclick.com.au/products/cordelia-st-hooded-jacket?variant=16059714469931 ) is ideal when it comes to stylish layering. It is sophisticated, with dark, neutral tones. Zip it up for brisk weather, unzipped and open to show off your trendy t-shirt. And it stows away nicely when not needed.

Combine the hooded jacket with the Cordelia St Active Pant (https://www.clothingclick.com.au/products/cordelia-st-active-pant-in-black?variant=16059734523947), and a Cordelia St Swing Stripe Top (https://www.clothingclick.com.au/collections/tops-tunics/products/cordelia-st-swing-stripe-top-silver), and you have a great look, a simple look, which is stylish and sharp, but also easy to wear. You can pull off a style which shows you care about how you appear and feel, but is also comfortable to wear and easy to be in.

Tunics are also a very casual way to dress yourself up. The long, flowing lines fit a feminine form very well. The Cordelia St Vee Swing Tunic is a great example of fun, casual yet stylish fashion you can grab from Clothing Click. This tunic comes in a dark navy colour, which is a good offset to some basic black which is in a lot of wardrobes. A subtle splash of colour on a cold winter’s day.

Looking fine on the weekend does not have to be a difficult decision, and you will surprise yourself how easy it is to look good and feel good.

Click through our catalogue, find some casual knits, tops or pants, and see yourself on a Saturday afternoon. You can contact us for fashion advice and more, to help you look and feel great.

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