Keeping Warm And Staying Stylish This Winter

We've got you covered when it comes to staying stylish this Winter.

Keeping warm and staying stylish this winter.

Winter can be a tricky season when it comes to fashion and style. You want warm clothes to protect you from the elements, but you don’t want to be weighed down by ten layers of clothes. You want to be able to take off layers when you go inside a warm office or restaurant, without having to take off so many layers that it costs three times as much at the coat check. You also want to have a shape and a figure, rather than looking like something wrapped in twenty layers of down. Tough job, or so you’d think.

There are many ways to keep warm in winter. While some of the best include open fires, furry pets and a good glass of wine, sadly you cannot have these things with you at all times.

Keeping warm against the weather, and cutting down on the wind chill factor are the two biggest ways of keeping warm during the cold months.

Let’s look at keeping warm in the cold temperatures.

This involves layering your clothes. Having something light and stylish, yet warm, to slip on when the temperature drops.

Lightweight knits are ideal for this situation. We have many styles and colours to choose from, and they are oh so warm.

  • Knitted tunics are easy to throw over a long sleeved t-shirt and in turn they look fantastic when paired with more of our knitwear collection. The Cowl Tunic Knit from Cordelia St is your new go-to for an effortlessly classic, stylish and comfortable autumn and winter look. 
  • As well as these throws, Click Clothing have an exciting range of knitted ponchos to wear like the The Kimono Knit Poncho from CC Collection . These keep you comfortable in the inclement weather, but their style and profile is also great. They often become a talking point for those wishing to be as fashionable as you.

How to keep the wind chill at bay.

While the temperature during winter can be low, it’s often the wind chill factor that gets us right to the core. The biting winds can find ways inside even the warmest of tops, unless you know how to keep the wind chill at bay.

Hats and scarfs are your first best bet at keeping the wind from getting in under your warm knitwear. However, sometimes a strong wind can blow your hat off, or even make your scarf unravel and be a pain to wear.

So what can you do?

High neck lines are a simple solution.

  • Clothing Click’s Tunics with a high-rolled neck, when layered with warmer knitwear, will keep the chills away. Enter the snuggly Cowl Knit Top from Luna Sky, a go-to for the cooler seasons!
  • The Tribal Wrap from CC Collection wraps around you and keeps your neck warm while still being stylish and fitting your form.
  • The Luna Sky Tassel Knit Wrap is also an excellent example of how warm fashion can help against the wind chill factor. Roll the collar up and you’re warm and looking fabulous all at once. 

A core concept of good fashion is layering. In the colder months, especially in the southern states of Australia where the weather can be fickle and chilly, layering with warm knits is vital. This not only keeps you warm, but keeps you looking hot, and yes, that is a warmth pun.

Browse our website for all the great combinations of warm knits and tops, cardigans and ponchos to help you look good and feel warm this winter.

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