Top 5 Styles You Cannot Live Without

The top 5 Styles you cannot live without


We love fashion. All the great clothing we sell here at Clothing Click is a testament to our fashion sense. And we love to dress the everyday, beautiful Australian woman in outfits which rock, look sharp and make you feel fabulous. Clothing Click have many years dressing the ladies of Australia, and we have a pretty good idea what makes the top 5 Styles you cannot live without.

We would normally do a countdown, from the fifth best to the number one style. But we are partial to all the clothes here, so we’ll let you decide which the number one pick is for you.

This is our best-selling item, by far. It is functional, versatile and looks oh so fantastic. It has a straight leg for that slimming effect, with stretch fabric for comfort as well. It doesn’t sit too high on your waist, allowing you to show off more of the hot tops you may be wearing.

The Pencil Pant comes in a wide range of colours for any occasion, and works just as well going out on the town as it does in the office. Add to that the no need to iron. It is stylish, makes you look good, and is easy to maintain.
Casual and stylish, this is one of the best accessories to go with anything. It fits to your body, is warm and comfortable and is perfect for that layering effect which goes with all good looks.

A wide range of colours to suit as many moods and outfits you have in your wardrobe, it feels as great to wear as it looks.

 This stylish piece looks good, feels good and works in so many ways for you. It flows over your body, blurring the eye line. You can feel fantastic wearing this maxi dress on the weekends, or to lunch with friends. It fits so well into our idea of casual fashion which is chic and hot.

A soft cotton jersey of a good length, this dress works well for day time work, and after hours relaxation. Very easy to accessorise and glam up, this wonderful dress even has pockets!

You will look slick and switched on with this dress, but also feel relaxed and happy while wearing it.

Fashion to keep you comfortable while looking hot. These pants are made with soft jersey fabric, so it feels solid to wear, warm during the cold winter months. They look trendy and are easy to add to an outfit, or to accessorise with other items from Clothing Click, such as the Tunic Dress or Winter Body Top.

This list of styles we present to you work well on their own, but what makes Clothing Click fashion so great is how well they all work together. We are big believers in casual fashion, feeling comfortable in what you wear and making great styles easy to use. Mix the leggings with a t-shirt, the Must Have Dress with some flat shoes and some silver bling.

Fashion doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated or cost the earth.  Clothing Click can have you looking awesome. These are our top 5 outfits and fashion wears which we have, but there are so many more on our site.

What would you rate as your favourite style or fashion item on the Clothing Click site? Comment below and let us know.

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